Hawk Yachts Reveals Two New Luxury Explorer Superyachts

56m Cape Hawk by Hawk Yachts

Modern yachts are known for their speed and luxuriousness, but not all of them were designed and built with nothing but leisure in mind. The exceptional vessels created by Hawk Yachts are able to sail across the world’s most inhospitable waters, including those of the North Pole, while still being able to provide an incredibly comfortable experience for all on board.

56m Cape Hawk by Hawk Yachts

56m Cape Hawk

Hawk Yachts has unveiled two brand new luxury explorer superyachts, namely its Cape Hawk and Sky Hawk vessels, which measure 183 feet and 246 feet respectively. Both of them are able to ensure luxe living conditions for up to 12 guests, and they comprise a generous list of amenities such as large sunbathing areas, beach clubs, spas, garages for water toys and expedition preparation rooms.

75m Sky Hawk by Hawk Yachts

75m Sky Hawk , Top View