Have A Look At Jet Capsule’s UFO Floating Home!

Different people have different ways of preparing for the worse, and while some are fortifying their houses and learning to grown their own crops, others are looking towards the oceans for safety, and that’s probably what inspired Jet Capsule’s experts when they designed the UFO floating home concept. The Unidentified Floating Object is a modern home that was designed to operate completely off of the grid, as it is powered by solar panels complemented by wind and water turbines.

Jet Capsule's UFO Floating Home 1 Jet Capsule's UFO Floating Home (6)

It can reach speeds of about 3.5 knots, and it boasts a water filtration system that can transform ocean water into fresh one. It is divided into two parts, namely a 215 square foot upper deck and a 107 square foot lower area that is completely submerged. Even though Jet Capsule has not actually built this home just yet, the company is looking for investors, and we definitely hope that they will find some soon.

Jet Capsule's UFO Floating Home (1) Jet Capsule's UFO Floating Home (5) Jet Capsule's UFO Floating Home (4) Jet Capsule's UFO Floating Home (3)

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