Gustafsson & Sjogren Finest Art in a Limited Edition

The Swedish horological brand Gustafsson & Sjogren has produced a limited edition watch and knife set, crafted with some amazing, unique patterns blended in with each other in aesthetic ways. Johan Gustafsson is already known to be a master in crafting Damascus steel products.

The 250 mm long knife, named GoS Oden, is a Mosaic Damascus folder style instrument. The 15 mm blade is covered with a beautiful pattern and the flower Damascus symbol and the handle shows a Nordic fossilized coral design. The liners of the knife are made with grade 5 Titanium.

The other item in the collection is GoS Vile, a stainless steel cased wristwatch. Its sapphire crystal glass covering has anti-reflexive properties. Grey and black tones form a unique pattern on the 42 mm dial and the small arches pointing the hours take the shape of a ring.  Of course for such a design a Swiss mechanical ETA 6498 module was a must. It generates its power from the 8 mm thick fine grain crown on the side of the casings. The strap is made of black reindeer leather with Sami tin-thread decorations on it.

The two items come in a handcrafted birch wood colored box. It has a unique and beautiful earthy look because of the high grade wax and linseed oil in which it was embalmed. If you want these magnificent pieces of art, be prepared to shell out $20,000. You’d better hurry as this is a limited edition.Gustafsson & Sjogren Finest Art in a Limited Edition (1)


Gustafsson & Sjogren Finest Art in a Limited Edition (2)



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