Growler Chill Is An Awesome Craft Beer Dispenser

Those of you who can appreciate a high quality craft beer dispenser will definitely want to have a closer look at the Growler Chill. This exceptional appliance will feel right at home in your kitchen or home bar, as it is basically a household counter-tap for growlers.

Growler Chill Is An Awesome Craft Beer Dispenser 1

It is able to keep your beer fresh and tasting like it came right out of the keg, as it purges oxygen from the growler while keeping the beer deliciously cold. Growler Chill is large enough for up to three growlers of your favorite beer. Users can even link up the counter-tap to their smartphones thanks to an included app, which keeps track of beer volume, offers sanitation alerts, and gives information about the beverage.

The product is currently available on Kickstarter, and it costs about $379.

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