Green Superyacht from Sauter Zero Carbon Design

So you love luxury but you also love nature? Sauter Zero Carbon Design is glad to present to you their latest deluxe eco-friendly superyacht. Called the Ocean Empire LSV, the boat was designed by British designer Richard Sauter and is only a concept at the moment.

LSV suggestively stands for Life Support Vessel, as this is a very nature friendly hybrid yacht that uses energy provided by sun, wind and waves. Aside from these ‘green’ sources of energy, the Ocean Empire uses a Daimler Turbo Compound BueTec engine, the most advanced EPA Daimler.

Ten guests and eight more crew members can be accommodated in this superyacht which can reach a maximum speed of 18 knots. Be sure that Sauter Zero Carbon Design has created the best luxury amenities for the vessel, but the best thing about it will still be its nature-friendly character. After all, we are talking about a yacht that will offer a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.


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