Green Magic Homes Allow You To Live Just Like A Hobbit

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The hobbit houses showcased in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films were quite enchanting, wouldn’t you agree? They definitely looked cozy and comfortable, especially since they were actually a part of the local landscape. And since so many people have expressed their desire to live in such homes after they watched the aforementioned movies, a company named Green Magic Homes has decided to grant their wish.

Green Magic Homes (5)

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The homes that its experts are offering were created using “fiber reinforced polymer modular components”, and they are completely customizable according to the owner’s preferences. Boasting vault geometry and curvy designs, the residences impress with reliable thermal insulation, durability and flexibility while remaining as eco-friendly as possible. They are actually hurricane and tornado resistant, and that’s always good to know as they can also be built in sandy or snowy environments.

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