Great-Looking And Loud Libratone Diva Sound Bar

Nowadays, most high-resolution LCD TVs boast incredible image sharpness and clarity, but there’s always room for improvement as far as sound quality is concerned. Sure, a pair of 2 to 5 Watt speakers might be enough in order to provide a decent cinematic experience. However, what happens when decent just isn’t good enough?

Sound bars seem like a great solution, but they are often poorly designed, and nobody really wants to deal with extra wires. However, the Libratone Diva Sound Bar was created with performance, elegance and convenience in mind, and so it definitely deserves a closer look. First of all, this thing has no wires because it is equipped with Bluetooth and AirPlay connectivity. Then there’s the incredible design that involves an interchangeable wool-covered body that comes in a variety of colors.

As far as performance is concerned, this sound bar flaunts a pair of 50-watt 3-inch midrange drivers, a 75-watt woofer and a pair of 25-watt ribbon-based tweeters. The Liberatone Diva can be controlled a regular TV remote thanks to a special app. The only downside is that you’d have to pay no less than $1,060 to call it your own.





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