Grand Theft Auto V – The World’s Most Expensive Video Game

With a total budget that surpasses that of most movies, Grand Theft Auto V is reportedly the most expensive video game ever created. According to several online sources, Rockstar North allocated £170 million for the huge project, which is roughly $269 million by today’s exchange rate.

It is not clear exactly how much of that staggering sum was used for the actual production of the game, and how much of it has been slated for advertising. Still, the numbers are beyond anything we’ve ever heard of before in the industry. Actually, this is a huge sum even for the movie industry, with the only film that was more expensive than GTA5 being the Pirates of the Caribbean, with estimated total costs of $300 million.

The fun and engaging video game offers players exciting adventures in which they can do all sorts of fun things, including hijacking everything from bikes and cars to trucks and trains. While the investment was undoubtedly huge, Rockstar North is expecting the reward to be just as big. Estimated earnings are around $1.5 billion!