Gorgeous McLaren 12C By HRE Wheels

There are many reasons why you would own a McLaren 12C supercar, including its fabulous looks, outstanding performance capabilities and exclusivity, but if you would want to purchase one today, you’d have to go for the newer 650S model, since the 12C was sadly discontinued. Still, if you own a McLaren 12C and you don’t want to or can’t afford to make a transition to the 650S, you’ll be glad to know that McLaren offers to upgrade your ride so that it would be a match for the newer model. These upgrades include the impressive DRS-system found on the 650S, which would be implemented free of charge just like the rest of the improvements.

The gorgeous 12C that you can admire in the images features an elegant, black paintjob as well as a splendid set of HRE alloy wheels that flaunt tight spokes and a gray paintjob. The wheels contrast beautifully with the bright orange brake calipers, and they definitely add a touch of refined aggressiveness to an already menacing-looking ride.



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