Golden Rays Villa 3 in Croatia

With a floor area of approximately 3,600 square feet, Golden Rays Villa 3 is a fabulous luxury getaway in Primošten, Croatia. It has three lavish bedrooms, three bathrooms and very spacious interiors throughout. It impresses with its modern elegance and crisp chicness, and whoever comes here once is bound to want to repeat the experience.

Villa 3 is only one of the resorts collection of exquisite residences with world-class amenities, large open spaces and three or four bedrooms. The views from every villa are breathtakingly beautiful, which make them an excellent choice for romantic escapes. The generous dimensions of the living areas make them very suitable for intimate gatherings as well, so if you have a special event that you want to celebrate in a unique environment, this is the place to come to.

Unlike most hotels on the Croatian coastline, Golden Rays chose to keep a low profile and respect the natural beauty of the hill on which it was built. The buildings seamlessly blend into the landscape, surrounded by a rich flora and rugged rocks. This resort is the perfect place to start rediscovering the vast Adriatic Sea and its marvelous shores.

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