Golden-Eye Yellow Diamond up for Grabs

This dazzling internally flawless fancy intense yellow diamond weighs 43.51 carats and was seized by the U.S. Marshals Service Northern District of Ohio in 2006 during a drug sting. It is known as the Golden Eye and it measures approximately one inch in length. When Ohio businessman Paul Monea tried to sell the stone to undercover agents, the yellow gem was confiscated and became government property. Now it is ready to find a new owner at an upcoming auction on September 6-9.

The event will take place on auction site and buyers will only be allowed to enter the bidding contest after submitting a $180,000 pre-bid deposit. Once the deposits are made, participants will start placing their bids. The purpose of this deposit is to allow bidders to see the diamond, and the sum is fully refundable. From August 29 until September 2, the potential buyers will have the possibility to view the gem between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The minimum bid is $900,000 and the bid increment is $110,000. It may sound much, but this is one of the “most perfect and flawless canary yellow diamonds” in the world.

Golden-Eye Yellow Diamond up for Grabs (1)


Golden-Eye Yellow Diamond up for Grabs (2)


Golden-Eye Yellow Diamond up for Grabs (3)


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