Gold-Plated Copy Machine by Yogi Proctor

Gold-Plated Copy Machine by Yogi Proctor (4)

Yogi Proctor is the device designer behind this stunning project: a non-functional gold-plated copy machine. The Canon replica measures 33 inches by 27 inches by 48 inches and is made of pretty regular materials like aluminum, glass, plastic, vinyl and urethane. The only thing that really makes it special is the gold that covers it all over and the neon light that goes back and forth like in a real copier.

This particular example is not for sale, but if you are among those who need to manifest their taste for gold in all manners possible, then you should order your very own gold replica of the machine and proudly display it…wherever you want to! It won’t make you any copies, but it will definitely make an impression! And since in this creation form has taken over function, we can’t call it a real copy machine, but rather a very interesting piece of art.