Gold and Platinum Yacht by Stuart Hughes: $5 Billion

Gold and Platinum Yacht by Stuart Hughes $5 Billion (4)

When you hear “Stuart Hughes” you know something spectacular is gonna pop up from somewhere. We’ve already seen the world’s most expensive liquormost expensive iPad  and most expensive aquarium , all by Stuart Hughes. Now it’s time to introduce what is probably the most expensive yacht out there, called History Supreme.

Boasting approximately 100,000 kilograms of gold and platinum, this is a stunning 100-foot luxury yacht. It is unrivaled in the opulence department, with the deck, rails, anchor and dinning area made of precious metals. The base is wrapped in gold and the main sleeping quarters features platinum accents, plus meteoric stone and genuine dinosaur bone (T-Rex) inserts here and there. With all these precious materials, the amazing luxury yacht costs a staggering £3 billion (about $5 billion). The project took Stuart Hughes 3 years to complete.