Giant Girth Skeleton to Be Sold for $450,000

There are many antiques collectors out there, but we wonder just how many prehistoric-items collectors this world holds. For them, a very interesting sale has been announced: at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Florida, a Giant Groth Skeleton will be sold for $450,000.

The project of building this huge skeleton was initiated by late Don Serbousek, one of the best paleontologists of his time. Because of his untimely demise, the construction process was prolonged by several months. Now that the project is complete, the giant skeleton is in search for an owner. It is made of 80 percent of the animal’s original bones and it measures approximately 15 feet in length (from head to the last bone in its tail).

The huge mammal is around 11 feet tall when standing on two feet and measures approximately five feet in girth around the hip region. The skull alone is 28 inches long and 15 inches wide. It is not clear why this giant animal went extinct, but one of the existing theories mention a great flood during prehistoric times.

Giant Girth Skeleton to Be Sold for $450,000 

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