Gem Studded Golden Statue of Michael Jackson

August 29 would have been Michael Jackson’s 55th birthday. The King of Pop left behind a rich legacy of music, dance and pop culture, and his life had such a huge impact on the world that four years after his demise, his fame doesn’t show signs of fading.

For his biggest fans, Russian boutique Bon-Cadeau has something very special: a 14oz. (395g) golden statue of Michael in one of his most iconic dance moves. His concert outfit, famous white glove and fedora hat are all decorated with precious stones, and the miniature sculpture itself is made of yellow and white gold.

Placed on a black jade base, the dancing Michael holds a white gold mask over his face in a dramatic pose that is instantly recognizable as his own. Studded with 45 sapphires and 505 diamonds (3.7 carats), the statue is priced at $380,000.