Gaucho Rambler Sidecar Motorcycle by Ural and Pendleton

As you can see for yourself, the Gaucho Rambler Sidecar Motorcycle is a thing of beauty, flaunting a classic design inspired by Gauchos, otherwise known as cowboys in the United States. This exquisite product bears the mark of two companies named Ural and Pendleton, whose experts joined hands in order to design and assemble this masterpiece of engineering.

Contrasting beautifully with the stunning shade of Pacific White, the motorcycle’s neutral canvas constructed upholstery is complemented by an amazing Journey West blanket. All exterior adornments aside, we can tell you that this thing may not be the most powerful in the world or the fastest, but it will reach a top speed of 65 mph nonetheless. If you think that’t not much, keep in mind that the Gaucho Rambler was built and designed to be used on long journeys on the open road, where comfort and sightseeing are often considered priorities. Therefore, its 749 cc OHV air-cooled 4-stroke twin-cylinder engine is more than enough to get the job done, being able to dish out 38 ft-lb of torque as well as 40 horsepower.

Highly exclusive, the Gaucho Rambler Sidecar Motorcycle will be produced as part of a limited edition of 50 units, each boasting a price tag of $14,350.

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