Gareth Bale Becomes World’s Most Expensive Football Player

What does a season in which you score 26 goals bring you? A ridiculously expensive new contract, of course! And if you happen to be Gareth Bale, that contract is a record breaker, making you the new most expensive football player in the world.

While Cristiano Ronaldo’s $108 million record was quite impressive, the young Welsh football star has just signed an even more expensive contract with Real Madrid: Bale is leaving the Spurs for a whopping £85.3 million (about $132.7 million)!

He was obviously thrilled about the deal, but that didn’t make him forget about the old teams in which he played and worked his talent. Last season’s “Player of the Year” said: “I am well aware that I would not be at the level I am today, were it not for firstly, Southampton and then, Spurs standing by me during some of the tougher times and affording me the environment and support they have.”