Galpin’s Awesome $1 Million Ford GTR1

For 23 years in a row, Galpin Motors has been the no. 1 volume Ford dealer in the world. So when it announced a limited edition Ford based on the GT, everybody knew it had to be something good. Dubbed Galpin Ford GTR1, the car recently made its debut at The Quail in Monterey, California.

The whole idea behind this project was to show how the Ford GT could have become if it hadn’t been discontinued. The GTR1 was created in collaboration with designer Doug Breuninger and it boasts more than just a pretty face. The possible evolution path of the GT was definitely expressed in the new design, but the powertrain is reportedly pretty awesome as well: 225 mph as top speed is not a joking matter.

Galpin only plans to produce 24 units, in series of six, which we’re sure will attract numerous exclusivity lovers, even though the price tag says $1 million. Will you be one of them?