G2 Greencycle 2nd Generation Convertible Bicycle

Designer Paulus Maringka created a special convertible bicycle for a specific demographic: the poor people in the third world. After taking some time to analyze the lifestyle and needs of people in countries like Indonesia, he designed the G2 Greencycle 2nd generation, complete with accessories that can improve it’s users’ way of life.

The rear wheel base of the bike can be widened, thus transforming the two-wheel configuration into a three-wheel one. This allows for easy transportation of heavy loads on a stable surface. Low income people do not afford cars, so they need to find all sorts of ingenious alternatives when they need to transport heavy things. This here is one of the best solutions they can find.

The S-shaped frame of the bicycle is better than the classic diamond-shaped frames, because it creates more space for loading. The strong core of the vehicle ensures resistance even on rough terrains. In addition to all this, the bike is also very environmentally friendly, thanks to the use of bamboo-based composite materials.

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