G180 Superyacht by Ghost Yachts and Gloss Design

Bjorn Mooner and Stefano Carugno are the two men behind this huge project. The two represent Ghost Yachts and Gloss Design respectively and they joined forces, talent and expertise to create the G180 superyacht and its siblings.

Mooner’s vision has been very well understood by Carugno, and so the vessel is now exactly what it was supposed to be in terms of design: innovative, sophisticated yet simple, using materials that are both nature-friendly and very resistant.

The powerful yet environment-consciously built engine can push the yacht with a cruising speed of 15 knots and a maximum speed of 23 knots. The G180 has a 4,000 nautical miles range at cruising speed. It can host up to 12 passengers, plus 12 crew members and the captain. The three decks of the 55 meter (180 ft) ship are dominated by good taste and luxury amenities such as: swimming pool, outdoor dining area, a helipad and many more.

The vessel is now for sale and its delivery date says 2011. You should know that right now the G180 is only one of the trio of yachts that Ghost Yachts and Gloss Design are working on. Probably the most interesting one is the G180 H, with ‘H’ standing for hybrid.

G180 Superyacht by Ghost Yachts and Gloss Design

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