Futuristic Transparent Airplane from Airbus

Airbus is always ready to explore new levels of luxury and innovation in order to provide unforgettable flight experiences for their clients. Their latest project is absolutely stunning: a transparent airplane! It is only scheduled to appear in 2050, so there aren’t many details to share about this unique aircraft, but what we do know is that Airbus intends to offer a completely new travel experience, which goes beyond the astonishing transparent cabin.

Flying and being able to see through the walls and the roof of the cabin must be amazing, but the aircraft manufacturer intends to do more than that for the 2050 travelers. There will no longer be a business and an economy class, because travelers will enjoy custom-made sectors that offer everything in terms of luxury, comfort and relaxation. Instead of the small TVs that we’re so used to today, a large interactive zone will be placed. Travelers will be able to enjoy virtual clothes shopping and even holographic golf courses while flying. And their chairs will be available in any shape and size needed.

Futuristic Transparent Airplane from Airbus (5) 

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