Futuristic Full Moon Motorcycle By Akrapovic

A Slovenian exhaust system maker that goes by the name of Akrapovic joined hands with the experts over at Dreamachine Motorcycles in order to create the Full Moon motorcycle, which features the perfect mix of futuristic looks and exquisite craftsmanship. The two-wheeler is powered by an exposed V-twin engine, and it impresses with a large rear section that was put together using hand-formed sheet metal. The aerodynamic shell houses a pair of tailpipes and required no less than 800 hours of hard work in order to be complete.

However, the bike’s highlight is represented by its front wheel, which measures 30 inches and is designed to resemble a full moon, hence the name. For extra reliability, the product was equipped with a special hydraulic lowering system that allows it to stand up straight without any extra support. As far as the steering system is concerned, we can tell you that it is completely automatic, which means that there are no cables anywhere in sight near the steering rod.

The engine that we mentioned before is a 1,524cc Knucklehead V-twin made by S&S Cycle. The Full Moon motorcycle is just a one-off prototype, but it is a very impressive one, don’t you agree?

[Via – Akrapovic]

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