Futuristic Bird Of Prey Prototype By Boeing

As the years go by, we’re getting closer and closer to transforming science fiction into science-fact, and a great example of such progress is the amazing Bird Of Prey Prototype that was developed by the Phantom Works division of Boeing. Even though the project started to take shape in 1992, it wasn’t unveiled officially until 2002 when its technologies were already being used on a widespread scale in the aviation industry.

The aircraft’s name was reportedly inspired by a Klingon starship that appeared in the Star Trek III: The Search For Spock movie from 1984. The man behind the design of this futuristic aircraft is named Alan Wiechman. As far as the innovative technologies we mentioned before, we can mention low-observable systems and single-piece composite structures that ensured great reliability as well as affordable production costs.

Even though the Bird Of Prey is now completely unveiled for all to see, there are still numerous other top-secret projects developed by Phantom Works that are undoubtedly even more impressive. However, many years will pass before we’ll ever see them come to light.




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