Futuristic Batmobile by Gordon Murray

It’s pretty obvious that this stunner was designed by a Formula One auto designer. His name is Professor Gordon Murray and this Batmobile is some 20 years ahead of the typical current automotive designs. It boasts LED lights in the wheels and a sleek carbon finish. The futuristic vehicle will be shown to the media at an event that will involve 40 acrobatic artists who will put on stage the story of Batman and his Gotham arch-rivals.

The two seater has a smoke-ejecting exhaust, high acceleration capabilities and a carbon fiber chassis to ensure low weight, durability and high speeds. Professor Murray’s idea for this gorgeous Batmobile came after conducting a study on F1 vehicles and their design. This baby will probably inspire many future vehicles, especially the ones that are destined for track use.

Futuristic Batmobile by Gordon Murray (7) 

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