Fun Inflatable Sea Pool for Your Superyacht

Superyacht Tenders & Toys has come up with an excellent solution for those of us who love to swim in the ocean but hate to meet with jellyfish and other marine beings. As beautiful or cute as these creatures may be when looked at from a distance, not all of us enjoy their presence up close.

The Inflatable Sea Pool is a simple yet very effective way to have fun in the sea without worrying about unwanted guests or even surprise currents that can sweep you away from your yacht. The pool is available in two versions, each of which provides comfort, safety and lots of fun.

You can go for a tubular inflatable frame made of 28oz PVC, or an extra strong drop stitch fabric like that from which stand up paddle boards are made.The latter is 7.87 inch thick and can support people if they want to get a tan on the pool’s frame. Both can be deflated and kept in relatively small storage spaces.

For $3,900 (the PVC model) or $10,995 (the larger and sturdier model), you get the pool and all the necessary accessories for easy maintenance and installation. Also, the company encourages its customers to customize their purchases in terms of size, color and even logos.