Fresh MINI Vision Concept Unveiled

If you’re not already in love with BMW’s cute MINIs, then maybe this fresh concept will help you change your mind. It is called MINI Vision Concept and it was recently presented for the first time at the Design@Home event in Munich. Officially, it is said to hold many elements of the brand’s future design direction, and unofficially it should also give us an idea of what the 2014 MINI Cooper will look like.

Even though the overall look of the compact concept is quite similar to the current car, there is a series of new elements that give it a slightly different silhouette and a little extra appeal. Full LED headlights inside outer rings that work as daytime running lights, fog lights, larger tail lights, a more sculpted rear end, modified front bumper, new rims, altered door mirrors, air intakes at the front wheel arches, and cool two-toned paintjob: these are all visible on the outside.

Inside the concept there is a nice combination of retro-futuristic elements, lots of techy features, “lounge seats”, and a few details that sadly will find no place on the production cars, such as the blue and orange Union Jack trims on the doors. The 2014 Cooper will be unveiled later this year, with sales starting early 2014.


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