Francois Quentin’s Remarkable 4N Concept Watch

The intricate 4N mechanical concept is a real stunner among all the other classic watches for men. The mechanism was first unveiled at the Baselworld 2010 as a concept, then one year later it was incorporated into the 4N-MVT01 prototype, which was designed by Francois Quentin.

Now, after a series of upgrades and modifications, the first fully functional timepiece based on the 4N is ready to amaze us all with its complexity. The case is made of white gold, and it holds inside a unique system of rotating discs that indicate the hours and minutes in a 12-hour digital display.

Powering the watch is a 21,000-vps movement, with 520 components and an impressive power reserve of 237 hours. The hand-wound timepiece also features a transparent sapphire crystal back, which allows the curious eyes to gaze at the exposed mechanism. The 4N will be produced in a limited number: only 16 units, each being priced at $187,000.



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