First Luxury Islamic Clock Comes from Smith of Derby

Smith of Derby has been producing bespoke clocks for over 150 years now, each of them special and impressive in its own way. Their latest creation is the first luxury Muslim Prayer clock in the world, a piece of art that celebrates the Islamic faith. Unveiled yesterday at the Interiors Show in Abu Dhabi, the clock boasts a gold leaf finish and is highly customizable. The buyer can choose a favorite precious metal for the clock’s plating, different gems, materials, and finishes. Dimensions are also customizable.

The Smith of Derby Islamic clock is perfect for luxe buildings like hotels and mosques, but it can also be purchased for a private home. Its most remarkable features are:

–  Geographic specific prayer time settings by city
–  Second accurate and regulated through Smith of Derby timepiece modulation
–  Displaying local time and 5 (starting) prayer times through unique analogue indicators
–  LED lit design in contemporary artwork dial
–  Client-specified finish
–  700 mm diameter nominal size and upwards
– Prayer time indicators that move daily (at midnight) to the next day , specific prayer time in that city location
– Power failure auto-reset facility
– Easy maintenance with self-diagnostic service

For this special timepiece, the price is just as “special”: AED 121,000, or approximately $33,000.
First Luxury Islamic Clock Comes from Smith of Derby

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