First Fisker Karma to Be Delivered to Leonardo DiCaprio

First revealed at the 2008 North American Auto Show, Fisker Karma is a gorgeous looking plug-in hybrid luxury sports sedan that we’ve been waiting to see on the streets for quite a while now. The automaker has announced that the first Karma is ready to meet its owner, who is none other than famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Waiting in line for their own beautiful hybrid are Colin Powell and Al Gore.

Starting November, production will rise to 300 cars a week (up from five a week) and it is believed that by early 2012 the Karma will be sold out. There already are 3,000 pre orders that need to be filled. Fisker also announced that they are planning the production of convertible, sedan and shooting-brake versions of the car as well. The shooting-brake Karma will be unveiled this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.2012 Fisker Karma (7)

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