Find the Perfect Christmas Present

Find the Perfect Christmas Present

When you care for someone, you want to give them the very best in everything. And since Christmas is coming, you have to make sure that your present for them will be unique and precious. This might even mean you’ll have to look for it outside your country! Here are three places that you can visit in order to find the perfect gift.


The largest city in Montreal, Canada is everything that Christmas is about: it’s got snow, cold and a huge Christmas market! More than a hundred lovely stalls will lure you to them and invite you to buy the most interesting presents: hand crafted toys, paintings, local specialties and many more.

Another thing you could do in Montreal is visit the Nutcracker market in the Palais de Congres. Here you can find almost everything from traditional toys to deluxe jewelry.


The land of freezing Christmases, Russia, has got some of the greatest holyday markets in the world. Izmailovski market in Moscow is filled with decorated stalls every Christmas. You will find yourself surrounded by music, food, drinks and all sorts of lovely presents that you can buy for your friends and family.

And for a little fun experience, you should also visit Grandfather Frost’s house in the park at Kuzminki. It must be interesting to see how the Russian Father Christmas looks like.


Not always snowy, Christmases here can be absolutely wonderful. It is true that most of Syria’s inhabitants are not Christian, but the Christian quarter of Old Damascus always celebrates this time of the year in a very festive way.

With numerous Arabian markets offering precious silver and gold objects, Damascene silk and hand blown glass, there is virtually no chance of failing to find a nice present for your loved ones. And after you finish shopping, an entire city of impressive structures and Arabian buildings will be at your disposal. Visit anything that can be visited and enjoy every moment spent in the capital of Syria.

Find the Perfect Christmas Present