Ferrari and Kraken Opus Created a $275,000 Book

The Official Ferrari Opus (1)

According to Ferrari, “The Official Ferrari Opus is the most lavish and most valuable historical reference Ferrari has ever produced”. It is a limited edition outsized book, created by Kraken Opus, with 852 pages, over 2,000 images and 200,000 words. It weighs no less than 37 kilograms (or 81.4 pounds) and it offers countless interesting data about everything that’s related to the famous Maranello-based sports car manufacturer.

Rare archive images, great new photos, in-depth interviews with important people at Ferrari, personal insights into Luca di Montezemolo and Enzo Ferrari, a tour of the Maranello factory, information about all Ferrari vehicles, the book contains all these and more. The first copy will make a world tour to gather signatures from motorsport and motoring legends and it will be sold at an auction. All the money will be donated to charity.

Opus Siroya Collections have also created a diamond-encrusted platinum Prancing Horse to decorate the precious ($275,000) book. The lucky (and wealthy) owners of the few “Enzo Diamante” Opus will participate in a draw to win a Ferrari F1. Other, less expensive versions include the Enzo (priced at $34,925), the Cavallino Rampante (at $6,545) and the Classic (at $3,520).

The Official Ferrari Opus (2)