Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder Sold For $8.8 Million

Classic cars such as the Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder always have a special spot in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts, but since they are so rare, beautiful and expensive, only the wealthiest car lovers can ever hope to purchase one in their lifetime.

Recently, a stunning exemplary of the aforementioned model was put under the hammer at RM Auctions Arizona 2014 for the staggering sum of $8.8 million, which is a record-setting price for the Arizona RM Auctions event. Even though there were 10 total cars that sold for or over $1 million, the Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder was definitely the costliest of the lot, probably because it was the 11th example out of the 50 that were produced worldwide. Rare, gorgeous and with a rich heritage, this stunning vehicle was previously owned by radio presenter Chris Evans, who purchased it for over $11 million.

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