Fantastic Cigar Humidor By Döttling

Widely acknowledged as the best luxury safe manufacturer on the planet, Döttling has decided to create a luxury desktop humidor for a change, which was designed specifically to safe lock and store your precious cigars. Since we’re talking about a top manufacturer here, the humidor was created using exceptional materials, and its unique design allows it to store up to 50 cigars at a time.

Fantastic Cigar Humidor By Döttling 1

Conventional humidors usually open up using a hinged flap lid, but Döttling’s version can be opened up simply by pulling up its drawer. Inside, you’ll get to admire solid Spanish cedar and modern LED lights that provide a clearer view of the luxurious cigars. Other highlights include a barometer, a thermometer, and a hygrometer, but we should also mention the Cigarspa mechanism.

Apart from cigars, you can always store your watches inside this lavish case, which is covered in high-end calfskin and wood or high gloss varnishes. Price-wise, we’re looking at a tag of up to $13,000, which isn’t really that surprising at all.

Fantastic Cigar Humidor By Döttling 2 Fantastic Cigar Humidor By Döttling 3 Fantastic Cigar Humidor By Döttling 4

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