Fancy 24-Karat Gold Rolling Paper By Shine

Fancy 24-Karat Gold Rolling Paper By Shine 3

Rolling paper is definitely the way to go if you want to make your own cigarettes, but they’re not exactly the most luxurious item in the world, don’t you agree? Fortunately, a company named Shine has decided to release what could be the world’s fanciest rolling paper, as it was actually made using 24-karat gold. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, a pack comprises 12 sheets of 24-karat gold rolling papers, which are actually hemp-based.

Fancy 24-Karat Gold Rolling Paper By Shine 1

As you’d probably expect this rolling paper is quite a bit pricier when compared to the standard product, as a pack will set you back $55. Given the fact that no rolling tools are included in the pack, this is definitely not cheap, but it might be worth paying if you’re looking to attract some attention or you just want to give your joints a lavish treatment.

Fancy 24-Karat Gold Rolling Paper By Shine 2 Fancy 24-Karat Gold Rolling Paper By Shine 3

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