Fabulous Theia Minaudière by Bina Goenka

Usually when you say dazzling minaudière, the first name that pops in mind is Judith Leiber. This time, however, we are not going to talk about one of her many sparking creations, but about a gem-studded piece created by India-based jeweler

Bina Goenka.

Called Theia, the petite minaudière is a fabulous accessory created for classy women with a taste for opulence. It has a glamorous design that evokes the colorful Indian culture, and it flaunts a beautiful selection of African amethysts,

Mozambique rubies and Zambian emeralds sourced from Gemfields PLC.

The colorful precious stones are carefully set on a precious base made of 18K gold. For even more sparkle, Bina also added pink tourmalines, white diamonds and lovely pearls to the design. In all, there are over 9,000 gems on the sculptural

piece. We imagine the price is somewhere in the seven-figure area.