F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept By Mercedes-Benz

The CES 2015 event brought with it the unveiling of numerous gadgets and vehicle concepts, but perhaps the most interesting and popular product came in the form of a luxurious, futuristic and innovative vehicle by Mercedes-Benz: the Luxury in Motion concept. This unique four-wheeler features an interesting interior design as well as contemporary and minimalistic exterior looks complemented by impressive self-driving technologies.

Following in the footsteps of Google’s self-driving car, Luxury in Motion was made to run flawlessly without the need of a driver, which makes it incredibly versatile. Naturally, since driver input is optional, it makes sense that the interior of the car would be different from that of an ordinary four-wheeler. The most significant change involves the seating layout, which can be configured to face towards the center of the cabin. This way, the front and rear passengers face each other and can socialize while the vehicle drives itself towards the destination.

The seats can also be arranged in a classic 2-by-2 setting, at which point the driver can control the car from the left side seat. The interior impresses with high quality, luxurious materials such as nappa leather for the seats, hardwood for the floor and glass complemented by metal for the various finishes.

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