Eye-Catching PowerEgg Drone System

Eye-Catching PowerEgg Drone System 1

Even though functionality and performance are of paramount importance nowadays when it comes to gadgets, looks are becoming more and more important as well. When it comes to drones, manufacturers are taking important steps in order to ensure pleasing aesthetics, and the PowerEgg Drone is a perfect example of this.

Eye-Catching PowerEgg Drone System 1 Eye-Catching PowerEgg Drone System 2 Eye-Catching PowerEgg Drone System 3

Boasting cutting edge engineering as well as a unique shape, this personal camera drone can record both 4K UHD video while shooting at ranges of over 3 miles. When activated, four propellers extend from the inside, and since the drone features a 360-degree panoramic camera, exploring and taking in the sights have never been easier. This thing also supports the world’s first gesture-based control system, which allows the user to set up a flight path and manipulate it using his or her arm. Other highlights include a 3-axis gimbal for stabilization, different power modes, a hypersensitive positioning system and a top speed of 28 mph.

Eye-Catching PowerEgg Drone System 4 Eye-Catching PowerEgg Drone System 5 Eye-Catching PowerEgg Drone System 6 Eye-Catching PowerEgg Drone System 7 Eye-Catching PowerEgg Drone System 8 Eye-Catching PowerEgg Drone System 9

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