Extremely Powerful 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

Is anyone really surprised that the most powerful motorcycle in the world bears the badge of Kawasaki? The 2015 Ninja H2R is a beast on 2 wheels that boasts no less than 300-horsepower, all produced by an amazing supercharged 998cc, inline 4-cylinder engine.

Clearly surpassing the Kawasaki H2R and ZX-14R models, this bike was designed and built for the silky smooth tarmac found on racetracks, which is why it doesn’t have any turn signals or mirrors. The Ninja H2R’s body was designed by the Japanese corporation’s Aerospace Company, and it was put together using lightweight and strong carbon fiber. The bike comes with slick tires right out of the factory, and it even flaunts lower winglets on its body.

Even though this particular model can only be ridden on racetracks, the upcoming Ninja H2 will be a perfectly street-legal 2-wheeler that will be unveiled in Italy during the EICMA event.







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