Extravagant Brazilian Cobogó House

The luxury Brazilian Cobogó House was designed by architect Marcio Kogan of StudioMK27, who created a modern but at the same time comfortable residence.

The house features a beautiful garden with a patio area and a swimming pool, offering the guests privacy and comfort in a natural atmosphere.

Erwin Hauer, an American sculptor, was the one who designed the authentic sculptural, light-diffusing screens which form the walls of the top level of the house. The beautiful pattern of the shading device combines efficiency with luxury.

The interior design is highly modern and the overall impression is that of space. The lavish feel of the furnishing and the use of natural colors create an ambiance of privacy and serenity.  At night, the patterned screens create the effect of a glowing jewel box when illuminated by the inner bedroom’s ambient lighting.

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