Extraordinary Silverado Black Ops Concept

The amazing vehicle you see in the pictures is called the Silverado Black Ops Concept, and all you really need to know about it is this: it was built to ensure your survival. Now whether we’re talking about the apocalypse itself or about unfriendly visitors from outer space, this thing was equipped with everything necessary to ensure that you would come out unscathed from the most unfavorable circumstances.

Chevrolet described this awesome automobile as a “survival kit on four wheels”, and it’s not hard to understand why, since it was equipped with its own winch, gas masks, generators, solar power, bed-mounted vault and even body armor. Furthermore, the package also includes a shovel just in case you need to dig a hole for some gruesome reason, and even though some think that it may be a bit too much, we’re pretty sure someone out there thought about mounting a machine gun or a rocket launcher on the roof. It wouldn’t look bad at all, actually.