Extraordinary Icon A5 Personal Aircraft

Even though only the rich can currently afford to own a personal aircraft, this might not always be the case in the future. We believe this because even those who can’t afford to spend millions of dollars on a huge airplane can purchase a smaller, more convenient version such as the A5 Personal Aircraft for a fraction of the price.

This stunning amphibious airplane was built through a joint effort by a former F16 pilot named Kirk Hawkins and a team of expert designers that also sketched out several Virgin Galactic spaceships. With a team like that, the end result was bound to be a great success, and so it was, since this sports car-inspired airplane is not only stunning to look at but also quite quick and easy to pilot. Boasting speeds of up to 120 mph, the A5 provides a highly convenient and comfortable way of getting from A to B, and it even features certain amenities such as an mp3 player and a GPS. The price for such an extraordinary plane is just $100,000, which is about as much as a modern sports car.