Exquisite Pinnacle Travel Phantom Collection By Rolls-Royce

Since the Chinese have become such great fans of Rolls Royce vehicles over the last few years, it makes sense that the renowned British automaker would release a special edition of its most stunning car in order to honor this great nation and its ever-growing passion for luxury travel. The Pinnacle Travel Phantom Collection By Rolls-Royce will be available exclusively on the Chinese market and is scheduled to be unveiled officially during the Beijing Motor Show.

As we’ve come to expect from a luxurious Rolls Royce edition, the Travel Phantom impresses with a lavish choice of materials complemented by exquisite handcrafted marquetry. Red lamb’s wool floor mats as well as various Seashell and Morello Red leather elements can also be found inside, but the highlight is definitely the complex and breathtaking marquetry consisting 230 individual pieces. This marquetry depicts a cross-continental train as it dashes across the landscape leaving trails of steam in its wake.

The exterior of the vehicle boasts a remarkable paintjob based on shades of Silver Sand and Madeira Red, but Rolls Royce also offers a combo of Infinity Black and Silver Haze or Melanite and Palladium for future customers.









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