Exquisite Piano By Goldfinch Was Made For A Qatari Sheikh

The exceptional Steinway piano that we’re about to present was made by a UK-based company named Goldfinch, and it boasts more than 500,000 Swarovski crystal decorations. The musical instrument was created at the request of a Qatari sheikh, and its makers named it “the world’s most luxurious piano.” For this amazing project, Goldfinch’s experts received valuable input from British artist Lauren Baker, but they still needed six months in order to complete this masterpiece.

That’s because each and every Swarovski crystal that adorns its surface was placed entirely by hand. For a touch of exclusivity, the piece flaunts a Goldfinch signature above its keys as well as a Steinway & Sons logo right above. Tech-wise, it features “invisible controls” that allow it to play itself to a certain degree. This luxurious piano by Goldfinch was purchased by the Sheikh for about $627,000, and it will be shipped from Cambridge all the way to his doorstep in Doha.



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