Exquisite Luxury Furniture by Paradisi

If you have a luxe home, high-end hotel, expensive superyacht, or classy office that you need furnished, designer Simon Firullo might have the perfect solution for you. His firm, Paradisi, is specialized in making luxury furniture using only exquisite materials and fully automated, top-notch manufacturing techniques.

Without any hand finishing, each and every piece is flawless. Paradisi uses CAD software (the same as used for the manufacturing of the Eurofighter Typhoon) to develop the products, and all materials are top grade: carbon fiber, machined aerospace-grade titanium, fine leather, and so on. Top notch CNC milling machines make sure that every element is individually crafted for excellent results.

Lightweight and extremely resistant, all products signed Simon Firullo are manufactured using Aerospace, NASA and Formula One sourced materials. Paradisi can also be contacted for other projects, besides furniture. Interested customers can commission sculptures, jewels and various large-scale installations.