Exquisite Coffee Cup Collection By DEVIEHL

London-based DEVIEHL is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing exquisite coffee cups that are meant to enhance the way we savor our favorite warm drink. The company is responsible for the creation of quite a few coffee cup collections such as the Pacamara Collection or the Caturra Collection, but today we’re going to focus a bit on the Arusha collection, since it is probably the most impressive of them all.

Each and every cup from the collection is created using 25 parts, and it boasts high-end insulation that’s meant to keep the beverage at an optimum drinking temperature. The creators also made full use of modern fluid dynamics research and put the cups together using high-end materials such as carbon fiber, hydrophobic leathers and Zebrano or Cocobolo wood. Furthermore, each of the 3 cups from the Arusha collection features hand-applied decorations and unique colors implemented by Gail Klevan – a renowned jewelry designer from London.

If you would like to own the Arrusha collection by DEVIEHL, you’ll be glad to know that you can purchase it at various luxury shops scattered across the globe or at Harrods in London.



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