Exquisite Black Diamond Nail Polish By Azature

Since the 267-carat Black Diamond Nail Polish by Azature was released as part of a limited edition of just 1 unit in 2012, many people thought that the product would be completely out of their reach. Fortunately, thanks to the famous retailer Selfridges, the world’s most expensive nail polish can actually be purchased by the general public, albeit in a much more affordable variant.

The original Black Diamond Nail Polish featured a price tag of approximately $195,000 and came within a gorgeous bottle flaunting a platinum sterling cap adorned with 60 hand-set black diamonds. What made this nail polish even more outstanding is the fact that it included about 267 carats of black diamonds into its composition. The affordable version that can be purchased at Selfridges includes just 1 black diamond and retails for about $28. Nonetheless, this is a very qualitative product that comes in many different colors and with a stunning shiny effect.


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