Exquisite Avista Concept By Buick

Buick is definitely not the first brand that comes to mind when we think about luxurious and elegant cars, but it looks like that might change sooner than we think. The Buick Avista is a remarkable automotive concept that was unveiled during the Detroit Auto Show, where it was received with great enthusiasm.

Exquisite Avista Concept By Buick (3)

The vehicle is meant to honor Buick’s rather understated performance heritage, as not many people seem to remember that this particular company actually made some incredible cars back in the day. The Avista Concept is equipped with a 3.0-liter twin turbo engine that’s good for 400 horsepower, all of which are kept in line by an 8-speed gearbox. On the inside, modern amenities such as a wide-screen instrument panel and 3D-printed door panels give off a modern, elegant and luxurious feel.

Exquisite Avista Concept By Buick (1)

Exquisite Avista Concept By Buick (2)

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