Exquisite 2014 Long Wheelbase Range Rover

Since it’s been over 2 decades since Land Rover unveiled an extended wheelbase version of their famous Range Rover SUV, the famed British carmaker decided it was time to add a little extra legroom for the back passengers of their impressive 2014 flagship.

Apart from the obvious extra inches of space, the 2014 long wheelbase Range Rover also boasts a series of impressive and luxurious options that are meant to enhance the overall comfort of the passengers even more. These options include but are not limited to a panoramic sunroof and automatic window blinds, but we will surely se many more in action during the Los Angeles Auto Show, which is set to take place between November 22 and December 1. Furthermore, Land Rover added a few unique exterior color options that will surely arouse interest, one of which is the fabulous Ebony version that you can admire in the following pictures.