Exquisite 2014 Erik Buell Racing 1990RX Superbike

Even though Erik Buel and his team of experts haven’t graced us with any new products for quite some time now, they definitely made up for it with the 2014 1990RX Superbike, which is not only extremely gorgeous but also immensely powerful as well.

The secret behind its incredible performance capabilities is a perfect blend between lightness and pure power, since the bike weights in at only 419 pounds dry, while its 1,199cc four-stroke V-Twin engine ensures as much as 102 lb-ft of torque and 185 horsepower. Consequently, this incredible speedster had to be equipped with high-quality braking systems, which is why its builders implemented a 220mm disc and a 2-piston caliper at the back wheel, while the front received a 386mm rotor paired with an 8-piston caliper. Furthermore, the wheels are enveloped in Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa Tires, which ensure maximum performance in both racing and casual riding conditions.

Those interested in purchasing this stunning motorcycle can choose between 3 different color options named Galactic Black, Strike Yellow and Racing Red, while the price sits at an even $19,000.