Explore Africa On Board The Rovos Rail And The Blue Train!

If you are planning to visit Africa anytime soon and you don’t know how to admire as much of its beauty as possible during a single trip, then you should definitely consider hopping o board one of these exclusive, luxurious trains. Enjoying the pristine natural beauty of Africa from the comfort of your own suite is an experience that should definitely be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime, which is why the Rovos Rail and The Blue Train are so appreciated by visitors from all over the world.

Rovos Rail features about 5 departures each month and travels through Cape Town, Pretoria, Victoria Falls and Durban. However, if you want to experience something truly unique and wonderful, you should book a suite on board this luxe train ahead of time and enjoy one of the annual trips to the African Collage, Golf Safari, Dar Es Salaam and Namibia. Accommodations on board the Rovos Rail include sumptuous suites that offer an unexpected amount of living space as well as a generous selection of high-end amenities and comforts. For this reason, the price for a round trip from Cape Town to Cairo and back again costs $48,500 for a Pullman suite, $52, 000 for a deluxe suite and $56, 000 for a royal suite.

Also known as “Pride of Africa”, this train features enough accommodations for 72 people and performs journeys that can last from 48 hours to 30 days. Delicious meals and South African wines can be savored on board the dining car, while gifts can be purchased from the train’s own gift shop or from the train stations.

A much more affordable alternative to Rovos Rail is the Blue Train, which performs routes from Pretoria to Cape Town and back again as well as from Pretoria to Durban. Prices range from $1,255 for a deluxe cabin in the low season to $2,531 for a luxury cabin in the high season. Nonetheless, even though its prices are considerably lower when compared to Rovos Rail, the Blue Train is still an actual 5-star hotel on wheels that impresses with an unmistakable charm and highly comfortable living arrangements.

The train operates on 2 separate sets, one featuring enough room for 52 guests while the other can accommodate 80 people. The first version is available for charter use but the second one is designed for weekly trips, which is why it features its own Conference Car and paraplegic suite. Highlights include private en suite bathrooms, entertainment facilities and Wi-Fi. There is even a special jewelry boutique on board as well as a dining cart where guests are able to savor delicious meals prepared with great skill by professional chefs. A Lounge Car and a Club Car are also included in this outstanding train, which guarantees memorable journeys and unique experiences as it takes you through some of the most picturesque areas of Africa.










For routes and fare information, visit www.bluetrain.thetank.co.za

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